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Landscape Design, Tucson, AZ Creating stable, sustainable, and attractive landscapes requires a systematic approach and proper planning. At Blue Ribbon, Brick Pavers Specialist, we offer custom landscape design services to our clients in and around Tucson, AZ.

Landscape Design

We recognize that upgrading your outdoors involves substantial hurdles. That is why, we are here to handle all these challenging tasks. We know the specific requirements for landscape design services, including landscape building, loaming, grading planting, and other types of landscape maintenance, owing to our years of experience in the field. And since we are in Arizona, where water and climate are the main difficulties, we know how to handle these problems. Our team will resolve water concerns as we can provide fantastic solutions that meet our client's needs. We also emphasize the vegetation because each plant type can only thrive in the right environment. We chose plants that can endure the hot local climate. Your landscape will always look its best thanks to our team's knowledge of the best plants for the job.

Plants & Trees

Landscape Design, Marana, AZ If you have a yard or landscape on your premises, you should fill it with plants and flowers. In addition to trees and grass, adding a range of plants and blooming trees is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor areas. Greenery enhances the aesthetic value of your house by giving it vitality. We provide clients in the region with design services and help install all types of shrubs and plants. We procure saplings and plants from well-known local nurseries, guaranteeing that you do not receive inferior or sickly plants. It adds to the quality of your outdoor settings and reduces the costs associated with maintaining them. Selecting the proper shrubs and plants requires more than choosing something attractive at a nursery. The materials you select must be a harmonious blend of hues, textures, shapes, and sizes. Our expertise lies in identifying flower and planter beds and guiding you in choosing perennials and annuals that add the right landscape balance.

Flower Gardens

Who doesn't like a thriving garden in their yard? Gardens introduce something unique to your home's surroundings and can create a pleasant atmosphere in your immediate surroundings. We assist with the installation of low-maintenance flower gardens on your property. These installations are inexpensive and straightforward to add and maintain. We include all types of planters and flowerbeds that need little upkeep. The team can create elevated flowerbeds in your yard to complement the large planters. In some areas, we construct a wooden frame of the required size, line the bottom with wire mesh, and position it in your garden to create a living wall as part of your flower garden. The flowerbed design and planning are crucial to properly implementing an attractive final product. Before planting flowers in the bed, we assess the soil quality and amend it as needed before starting any planting work. The mix of low-maintenance beds and blooming plants that we provide will allow you to create an attractive and intriguing outdoor space.

Grass Lawns

Landscape Design, Sahuarita, AZ Landscaping adds charm and personality to any home or business property, and green areas create a stylish, contemporary appearance. We use the finest seeds, sod, and fertilizers when installing lawns. In addition, we guarantee that the drainage and irrigation systems are in excellent functioning condition since they are vital components and a crucial aspect of lawn design and planning. Our team consists of skilled lawn installers who will install the grass in your backyard or landscaping with precision and efficiency. We use a systematic approach and place a premium on providing exceptional bang for the buck on each project. There are several varieties of grass to choose from, and our specialists will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make the best choices. In addition to installing new grass, we also remedy, extend, or redesign existing lawns on your property and these services are integral to our landscape design and planning solutions.

Rocks & Boulders

Stone masonry is a specialized method used to build various hardscaping features in landscapes. Natural stone, rocks, boulders, etc., can be used to construct retaining walls, boundary walls, garden walls, retaining walls, sitting walls, curbing, and edging. As professional landscapers, we recognize the importance of rocks and boulder structures to the overall stability and durability of a landscape. We never sacrifice material and installation quality for this reason. The outcome will always be flawless in appearance and integrity. Due to their exposure to the elements, the masonry structures we build must be as durable as possible to deliver a high return on investment. We consider this when planning and building structures made of boulders or rocks. Our business installs stone masonry as part of new landscape design projects and landscape improvement. We install all boulder and rock features according to industry standards so that they are of good quality, simple to maintain, and survive for many years with no issues.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Design, Green Valley, AZ Outdoor lighting undoubtedly contributes to the uniqueness of a landscape. Numerous property owners frequently overlook this essential element of landscape architecture while designing and planning outdoor areas, diminishing the value of their surroundings. You cannot produce a fantastic effect just by installing a few floodlights or lampposts. You can use several landscaping elements to improve the ambiance of your home's exterior spaces. In addition to accentuating and enhancing attractive landscape features, lighting contributes to your home's overall design. Our clients can rely on us to provide high-quality outdoor lighting solutions. We understand how to strategically position outdoor lights to produce an optimal effect for your house or business. In addition to delivering well-planned outdoor lighting, we can provide you with high-quality underwater lighting to illuminate your pools and waterfalls. A combination of adequately selected outdoor lighting fixtures can create spectacular effects in the exterior spaces of a home or commercial setting.

We are focused on our approach to landscape design, assessing the area and planned features to create balanced outdoor spaces on our clients' properties. For more information about our landscape design and planning services, please call Ribbon, Brick Pavers Specialist, at 520-780-0380. You can also send us your queries through this Contact Us form, and we will revert shortly.
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